We are looking for farm business including farm labor contractors.
We have preferred rates starting very low with additional credits available of up to 50%.


Rates are before Premium discount and territorial factors.

Program highlights:

  • X-Mods from .70 – 3.00
  • Coverage in 50 states
  • $25K minimum premium

Payroll services must be included with the workers’ compensation coverage on a pay-as-you-go basis.

4 key service points to the program:

  1. They will handle all aspects of payroll, W-2s, direct deposit, garnishments, state unemployment etc. Similar to ADP, but better.
  2. Work Comp, no deposit, no audits, pay as you go program.
  3. HR services, policy procedures Safety and regulatory compliance.
  4. Benefits- Administrating the program including look back on the medical to comply with government laws, medical, dental, vision.

This is a very good program that is owned by the insurance company.

Maverick has a proprietary rating program that includes the territorial programs and the premium discount to quickly analyze (in minutes) the marketplace and be able to tell you which markets have the most competitive rates. I don’t think any other wholesaler can do this on a timely basis as we can. We don’t just look at the rate increase or decrease, we analyze the rate changes, the territorial factors and the insurance class codes with carrier exceptions for certain classes and know what the impact it will have on the pricing of the risk.

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